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M136ID – 2 Car brands HvP

For the M136ID module blog assignment I will need to pick 2 car manufacturers to compare. It’s difficult having to choose just 2 specific car manufacturers to talk about their┬áhistory, image, strength & weakness etc. My initial thoughts were:

Audi and BMW – Both good middle/upper class German car manufacturers, good competition, good heritage and are both recognised by their iconic designs.

Lamborghini and Ferrari – Hot Italian super car rivals.

Obviously, when you mention these names, people get excited, because they make “powerful” and “sexy” cars. I personally love Lamborghini, but I feel that these companies are too predictable, there is already a solid foundation to them and would not be make an interesting read.

My final decision is to compare Hyundai and Peugeot, as both of these car companies have been in the spotlight of my attention recently. Many people question my decision on the two companies, but I think they are both similar companies; both the largest automobile manufacturers of their country, both companies have a Subsidiary company and both have similar target market range.