Hyundai – stepping up the weight category

Hyundai is currently sitting at the world’s forth largest auto-maker position. It has already secured its place in the economic cars market but the chairman & CEO of Hyundai Motor Group Chung Mong-Koo wants the company to  focus  on produce premium quality cars to compete with the likes of BMW and Mercedes.

As a company that made it’s place by building cheap and affordable cars, it seems like a massive risk to be up marketing like this, but the company seems to be finding its way to achieve its goal.

We can see a massive improvement in the design of Hyundai’s premium cars these past few years. The Genesis’s introduction was a warm welcome, and the luxury redesign of the Equus has certainly not been a disappointment.

However, let’s not forget that as of right now, Hyundai’s i-range products are what the company is known for, hopefully Hyundai will not lose it’s position in economic car manufacturer in this transaction.




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