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PSA introduces new motoring technology

The VeLV concept is a compact 3 wheeler introduced back in 2011, but have recently been showcased by Peugeot at the Innovation Day.

The vehicle make use of what is called “Hybrid Air” technology that combines a gasoline engine, compressed air energy, hydraulic pump motor and an automatic transmission box.


Detroit Motor Show: Genesis concept introduction

A real model of Hyundai’s new genesis concept has finally been introduced at the Detroit Motor Show.

It’s a massive step up compared to previous generations of Hyundai’s luxury line, but it does offer a high end feel and design to the vehicle. A worthy contestant to Mercedes and BMW in luxury vehicles.

Veloster design review

The Veloster is a new line of Hyundai’s Premium Youth lab designed vehicle targeted at young buyers, obviously. The Veloster in my opinions, is also one of their new design era vehicles, introduced after their change in design direction and brand identity.

As mentioned before, the Veloster has the new Hyundai “wings” at the front of the vehicle, the continuity feature that is now present in most of their vehicles. However, it seems that they have recently given it a minor facelift and removed this feature on the Veloster, which I want back!



The side profile of the Veloster is well designed, equal front and rear over hang, with many lines and features flowing through the vehicle. I like that fact that, the rear of the vehicle dips in quite dramatically, an unconventional look amongst hatchbacks. What is also unconventional about this vehicle is the fact that it has asymmetrical door configuration; one large door on the driver’s side and two on the passengers’ side. It doesn’t really disturb the line flow of the vehicle, but I cannot really comment on the practicality of it as I don’t own this vehicle myself. Although, I wonder how much alteration they have to make during the production of the vehicle when they have to make left and right hand drive versions of the car.


Disregarding colour of the vehicles below, I think the stance of the Veloster looks similar to that of a luxury compact SUV, i.e. Land Rover Evoque or the Lamborghini Urus concept. I think it works with the design of the vehicle, but I’d imagine future facelift to the vehicle would have a more sports car design, possible a coupe version.

range-rover-evoque  01-lamborghini-urus-beijing-2012628opt


RCZ design review

It’s good to see Peugeot releasing something other than a hatchback. This popular sports compact from Peugeot has sold more than 30,000 units, thanks to its unique look.

Many people say that it looks like an Audi TT, but I think it looks better than an Audi TT. The line flow of the vehicle is more interesting, there are features and character lines which aren’t present in a TT.

The front has the standard Peugeot badge sink and pointy headlights, standards through out Peugeot design, giving a distinctive character to the look of the vehicle.


What is unusual about the design of the vehicle is that (similarly on the TT) it has a smooth curvature flow from the A to C pillar. I think the side profile of the vehicle is not particularly attractive, as there is too much of a symmetry and cause the visual weight of the vehicle to be too centralized  This means that most of the curves’ peak are in the middle and it doesn’t give a sense of motion and direction to the car. If we look at a silhouette outline of the vehicle, you might struggle with determining which way round is the front and which is the back.



Personally, I would bring the vanishing point of the vehicle back and thus bringing the visual weight of the vehicle back, making the lines look more dynamic and give a better sense of flow and motion.



GM could “give” Opel to Peugeot

After recently discussing this topic, the possible deal has been brought up again in recent news.

Peugeot could be taking over Opel’s running in Europe from GM to further strengthen their alliance, the French state could also potentially take a stake in Opel as part of any deal to back the struggling French auto industry.


Peugeot Just Add Fuel

Peugeot has added the 208 VTi model to its “Just Add Fuel” range. Just Add Fuel, introduced in 2011, offers to take care of all the servicing, car tax, warranty, breakdown and comprehensive insurance, all for one monthly fee. The scheme is targeted mainly at young drivers who find it financially challenging to own a car.

It’s good to see Peugeot coming up with ideas to lure customers into “purchasing” their vehicle, and to build up brand loyalty and I think it’s a forseeable investment into the future of the company.

Genesis concept revealed

Just as the Detroit Motor Show goes live, we are already being treated with the Hyundai 2014 Genesis concept introduced in an earlier post.

Although I am uncertain about the flat front and the extended door line design, the interior design is definitely impressive. The consistent leather design gives a much more luxurious and sleeker feel to the vehicle compared to the Equus’s interior.

Let’s hope they give the front a slight draft in the future as I don’t feel it provides an aerodynamic sensation to the vehicle.