Veloster design review

The Veloster is a new line of Hyundai’s Premium Youth lab designed vehicle targeted at young buyers, obviously. The Veloster in my opinions, is also one of their new design era vehicles, introduced after their change in design direction and brand identity.

As mentioned before, the Veloster has the new Hyundai “wings” at the front of the vehicle, the continuity feature that is now present in most of their vehicles. However, it seems that they have recently given it a minor facelift and removed this feature on the Veloster, which I want back!



The side profile of the Veloster is well designed, equal front and rear over hang, with many lines and features flowing through the vehicle. I like that fact that, the rear of the vehicle dips in quite dramatically, an unconventional look amongst hatchbacks. What is also unconventional about this vehicle is the fact that it has asymmetrical door configuration; one large door on the driver’s side and two on the passengers’ side. It doesn’t really disturb the line flow of the vehicle, but I cannot really comment on the practicality of it as I don’t own this vehicle myself. Although, I wonder how much alteration they have to make during the production of the vehicle when they have to make left and right hand drive versions of the car.


Disregarding colour of the vehicles below, I think the stance of the Veloster looks similar to that of a luxury compact SUV, i.e. Land Rover Evoque or the Lamborghini Urus concept. I think it works with the design of the vehicle, but I’d imagine future facelift to the vehicle would have a more sports car design, possible a coupe version.

range-rover-evoque  01-lamborghini-urus-beijing-2012628opt



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