New Lambo

I guess now that I am not restricted in only talking about Peugeot and Hyundai, I should talk about other car news happening around the world.

Let’s start off the revival of the project the HOT topic: 2013 Geneva Motor Show!

The 2 “big guns” of auto manufacturers both released their new cars at Geneva.

Being a Lamborghini man myself (note. do not confuse this and think that I am a Lamborghini owner), I must say that I am disappointed with the new car. This 3 of a kind Lamborghini Veneno is just so terrible looking.


The states of this car is surely impressive; boosted the same V12 engine in an Aventador to 739bhp, but the exterior design is not something I’d expect for a 50th anniversary car.

Yes, it’s focus is on improving the aerodynamics of the car, but for the love of god… it does not mean that you go and mess everything up. Let’s take some “none” affecting design features and take a look at what they’ve done.

side 2

The wheel arch have no directions, seems to be randomly shaped and were not influenced or inspired by anything. I don’t know why the spoiler connects to the roof of the car, it looks hideous, completely lost the low profile a super car has as it has increased it’s surface area of its side profile. Lamborghini’s design have always been about passion and heritage. It took them so long to release the successor for Murcielago, you would have thought they would be more design thoughts into it

enough of a rant about the new Lambo.. it’s 3am and I had been awake since 8am, so I must sleep, but I shall be ranting about it some more in the near future!




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