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Genesis concept revealed

Just as the Detroit Motor Show goes live, we are already being treated with the Hyundai 2014 Genesis concept introduced in an earlier post.

Although I am uncertain about the flat front and the extended door line design, the interior design is definitely impressive. The consistent leather design gives a much more luxurious and sleeker feel to the vehicle compared to the Equus’s interior.

Let’s hope they give the front a slight draft in the future as I don’t feel it provides an aerodynamic sensation to the vehicle.




Hyundai Genesis 2014 teaser

More teaser photos of the 2014 Hyundai Genesis have been released.

The design looks some what similar to an Audi A7, especially the DLO and the A and D pillars. Nevertheless, it has a premium look and we will have to wait and see how the design turns out.




Schreyer to be Hyundai and Kia lead designer

Kia’s head designer Peter Schreyer has been named as the new chief designer for Hyundai Motor Group. This means that Schreyer will be overseeing both Hyundai and Kia’s design.

The ex Audi designer who is infamous for his Audi TT will certainly not disappoint with his wealth of experience in designing for Globally popular cars.

New car: Peugeot 208 Intuitive Special Edition

A special edition 208 has been introduced by Peugeot.

The redesigned 208 is scheduled to hit UK dealers in January and will be available in 3 door and 5 door versions.

The special edition also includes 16-inch alloy wheels, complete with some features include an LED surround, automatic dual zone air conditioning and directional front fog lights.



Hyundai – Low expectation for 2013

Despite leaping 11 places and entering top 10 for total car sales in 2012, Hyundai’s UK President Tony Whitehorn only plans to sell 700  more cars in 2013 than it did last year.

Reasons being that the factories in Czech Republic and Turkey are at their full capacity. Hyundai are unable to match the sudden raise in demands in the past year and are unable to source from elsewhere as China, India and the US are all requested their products.


Peugeot – purchase of Opel?

The French government has suggested to PSA, the largest auto manufacturer in France, to try and acquire Opel in an effort to better compete with VW. However, PSA and GM (Opel’s parent company) are already forming an alliance in Europe.

Although an alliance is formed, the income from Opel’s sells will ultimately be going towards GM, and not contributing to the French economy.