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BMW i3

The production version of i3 has been revealed. It is the first electric production vehicle for BMW and It is also going to be the first production vehicle that is primarily made of carbon fibre.


The suicide doors is supposed to be designed for ease of access, but from my understanding of transportation design, suicide doors are not recommended as they obstruct vision for the rear passengers to get out of the car.

As a design, I am obviously slightly disappointed with the changes made from the concept car to the production car. There are unknown manufacturing and engineering constrains which many designer (especially students who have had no industrial experience) forget about when and they start criticising others’ work, and for the i3 to have kept so much of its aesthetics appeals, I think they have done a good job with this vehicle.





To the few who have read my blog,

Those who are inspired to become better at communicating your ideas on people, here is an excellent illustration that explains 3/4 perspectives, which is one of the main fundemental views for car design sketchings.

Aston Martin Rapide

Another beautiful car realised at the Geneva Show. Bertone itook a shot at improving the aesthetics of the Rapide.

Personally, I prefer the saloon version of the rapide, it has a better stance and as a performance sports car, but the wagon design offers something different to the standard Aston Martin design.


New Lambo

I guess now that I am not restricted in only talking about Peugeot and Hyundai, I should talk about other car news happening around the world.

Let’s start off the revival of the project the HOT topic: 2013 Geneva Motor Show!

The 2 “big guns” of auto manufacturers both released their new cars at Geneva.

Being a Lamborghini man myself (note. do not confuse this and think that I am a Lamborghini owner), I must say that I am disappointed with the new car. This 3 of a kind Lamborghini Veneno is just so terrible looking.


The states of this car is surely impressive; boosted the same V12 engine in an Aventador to 739bhp, but the exterior design is not something I’d expect for a 50th anniversary car.

Yes, it’s focus is on improving the aerodynamics of the car, but for the love of god… it does not mean that you go and mess everything up. Let’s take some “none” affecting design features and take a look at what they’ve done.

side 2

The wheel arch have no directions, seems to be randomly shaped and were not influenced or inspired by anything. I don’t know why the spoiler connects to the roof of the car, it looks hideous, completely lost the low profile a super car has as it has increased it’s surface area of its side profile. Lamborghini’s design have always been about passion and heritage. It took them so long to release the successor for Murcielago, you would have thought they would be more design thoughts into it

enough of a rant about the new Lambo.. it’s 3am and I had been awake since 8am, so I must sleep, but I shall be ranting about it some more in the near future!



Hyundai – Project BA

Hyundai is readying a new compact car, codenamed “BA” to compete with Suzuki’s Swift and Ritz. Along with the i20, Hyundai now has 2 mid-range hatchbacks available in the market, and the “BA” will be primarily targeted for the Indian market.

As previously mentioned, Hyundai’s main objective in the US is to break into the premium car market. However, this is not stop them from expanding and competing with other manufacturers in different parts of the world.

PSA introduces new motoring technology

The VeLV concept is a compact 3 wheeler introduced back in 2011, but have recently been showcased by Peugeot at the Innovation Day.

The vehicle make use of what is called “Hybrid Air” technology that combines a gasoline engine, compressed air energy, hydraulic pump motor and an automatic transmission box.